ILS 05K is the accomplished merge between economy and the best possible quality, with a load capacity of 500kg packed in a clean Scandinavian design. What really separates our product from the competitors is our innovative, unique construction, which allows for low installation costs, a high degree of flexibility and much more.

  • 30 platform sizes to choose from and small lift dimensions means that we always have a lift that fits your building, even under narrow circumstances.
  • Shaft pit of only 50mm or a ramp as an option.
  • ILS 05K is standardized with a frequency converter for smooth start/stop.
  • 500 kg as standard instead of 400 kg. No additional cost of course.
  • White, good looking sandwich panels with corner profiles in anodized aluminium completes the clean design character. For even more light and style there also the possibility of a glass shaft.
  • An easy, quick  and cheap installation of only 2-4 days! Plug n´ play all the way through. Together with competitive material prices, the ILS 05K is probalbly the best priced lift on the market in its class.

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